Stunning Motivational Quotes During Quarantine

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During this Situation of Covid-19 Let’s Share some Good Saying s and Quotes About Coronavirus. We Are Sharing these to Motivate and Encourage Everyone So that we can fight with this disease.

The Entire World is now in a very Difficult War with The Viruses of Corona. World Economy Was Going down and Lockdown fallen in every country from Governments.

I know it is tough and difficult for us to stay at home for a month, but there is no other option for us. So We have to be self-motivated by reading these Coronavirus Quotes

Motivational Quotes During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has the potential to kill all presidential candidates prior to the election.

Steven Magee

This is not a time to cast blame. Those who do so may be hiding behind the excuse of helping but it is a power play and actually quite hurtful.

Charles F Glassman

Source: @simplylifeindia

Dying alone is the reality of COVID-19.

Steven Magee

When you have faith, you never die alone.

Steven Magee

Wipe out the corona before

Time is too Short

Something I wake up

You Wake up someone

Dr. Vivek Bindra

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Corona Quotes
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Motivational Quotes About Coronavirus

When the whole world comes to halt, all we have is each other to keep our lives going.

Powerful Sayings during Social Distance

It was science which solved the problems of Mankind. Religions, on the other hand, created problems and caused bloodsheds!

Super Motivational Hindi Quotes About Coronavirus

Corona Ko Fail ne se Pehle hi Mita Do

Wakt Kam Pura Dam Laga Do

Kuch Ko Main Jagata Hoon

Kuch Ko Tum Jaga Do

Funny Quotes on Coronavirus

COVID-19, are you going to be naughty or nice to me?

Steven Magee

Hello COVID-19, goodbye health insurance.

Steven Magee

Hello COVID-19, goodbye job.

Steven Magee

Here are All the Popular Sayings, Thoughts and Quotes from overall the World. in this quarantine life, I hope these Motivational Quotes Will Warm up you to Stay Safe at Home.

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We will Update this post Soon with More new and Stunning Quotes.

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